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The Watercress Way Restoration Project

watercress way project

At MT Fencing, we recently had the privilege of working on an exciting fencing restoration project called ‘The Watercress Way’ in collaboration with a charitable organisation. This project aimed to restore an old railway bridge in Sutton Scotney, with a focus on improving safety and accessibility for local residents and users of the Watercress Way.

Restoring the Railway Bridge

The primary objective of the project was to create a picket type fence that gracefully followed the curve of the arch of the railway bridge.

This fence, equipped with a lockable gate, would not only enhance safety but also provide convenient access to the rear of the bridge.

By implementing this new fencing, we successfully improved the overall safety and security of the site, benefiting both the local community and visitors of the Watercress Way.

Groundworks and Future Access

In addition to the fencing, the restoration project also involved extensive groundworks. Our team diligently ensured that the ground level at the entrance to the archway was made even, paving the way for smoother access to the bridge.

This improvement will not only facilitate walking tours but also create an opportunity for future ecological enhancement work.

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