Closeboard Gates

Closeboard Gates are made from overlapping panels of vertical boards with a strong framework. Closeboard gates provide more privacy compared to other types as they have closely spaced boards, which prevents people being able to see through gaps.

Our Closeboard gates can vary in size from 900mm – 2m in height, so they can ensure privacy. Additionally, the panels can be treated with preservatives or painted in different colours to match your surroundings.

Not only is this type of gate aesthetically pleasing but it also offers an effective deterrent against trespassers. With regular maintenance, these gates can last for many years and provide a reliable form of security for your home.

Closeboard gates are perfect for a property with closeboard fencing, as it provides a seamless and cohesive look.

Picket Gates

Picket Gates are a traditional style of gate, usually made from small pickets or fence panels with rails. They provide a range of decorative options and can be designed to match any existing picket fencing.

Picket gates consist of a number of vertical pickets spaced evenly apart, with the top and bottom edges usually connected by a horizontal rail. They are relatively low-cost and easy to install in comparison to other styles of gates.

They can also be customised in terms of size, shape and colour to suit any garden design or landscape style. Picket gates require minimal maintenance over their lifetime so you can enjoy your newly installed gate without worrying about any upkeep costs.

Entrance Gates

Entrance Gates are large, ornamental gates which can be used to add a touch of grandeur to your property. These types of gates are usually made from wrought iron and can be designed with intricate detail and craftsmanship for an eye-catching entrance.

Entrance gates come in a variety of styles, including swing-gate designs, slide-gate designs, cantilever gate designs, and automated gate systems.

Safety and Security

Not only do gates provide the physical barrier to keep out intruders, but they also can act as a psychological deterrent to discourage potential criminals from entering your property in the first place.

With different types of gates available, you can choose one that suits your needs best and create an effective access control system for any residential or commercial area. From automated electric models to more traditional designs, there is sure to be a gate that meets your requirements perfectly.

Installing one at your property will give you peace of mind knowing that it is secure and safe. Additionally, having a gate may even reduce your insurance costs due to its added protection against vandalism or theft.

Investing in the right gate for your property will ensure that you and your possessions are safeguarded against any potential threats.

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