Commercial Fencing

Safe and Secure Commercial Fencing

Investing in commercial fencing is an excellent way to secure your property, safeguard assets, and ensure the security of employees and customers. Protect your property and control authorised access with fencing that surrounds your entire plot or individual areas.

Installing an access gate allows you to keep everything safe while still allowing entry for specified persons. Ensuring the security and safety of your business is a priority to us, so we adhere to strict standards when constructing each fence.

Additionally, our fences are engineered with strength in mind for maximum protection. Our commercial fencing is designed to keep out unwanted trespassers and intruders, providing you with peace of mind that comes from protection.

We source only the highest quality materials for our fences and install secure locking mechanisms in order to guarantee your property remains safe when it’s locked up. Take a look at our Security Fencing page for more information.

Fencing for Privacy

A lot of businesses place a great emphasis on protecting the privacy of their employees and customers. By constructing a fence around your property, you are creating an enclosed area that gives extra assurance to clients and employees while protecting your valuable assets.

Our commercial fences can be adapted to fit your specific needs and can be customised with a variety of features such as barbed wire or spiked tops for additional protection.

Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing is made from galvanised steel wire woven into a diamond pattern, giving it strength and durability. The zinc coating on the wire helps to protect the fence against rusting and corrosion.

This makes chain link fences ideal for both indoor and outdoor use as they can withstand even extreme weather conditions like high winds and heavy rain with minimal maintenance over time.

Chain link fencing offers a wide range of benefits for residential, commercial and industrial applications. It is one of the most economical, durable and secure fencing solutions available today.

Metal Railings

Metal Railings are typically made from either wrought iron, with is durable and ductile, or cast iron, which is more affordable and of lower ductility.

Due to their strength, metal railings are often used in public places like parks, schools or around playgrounds. Metal railings last for years and do not require much maintenance, so can be a great option for a business.

Benefits of Commercial Fencing

Commercial fencing provides an attractive solution to enhance the look of any property, and you don’t need to sacrifice aesthetics for security and privacy. With many different styles, colours and materials available, you can choose a fence that adds visual appeal to your business’s exterior.

A fence can also be used to hide things that might bring down the look of the property, like rubbish bins and warehouses. Not only does installing commercial fencing improve the aesthetic of your property, it also significantly boosts its market value.

If you choose to sell your site in the future, potential buyers will be attracted by the savings of not needing to pay for a fence installation themselves. This will allow you to price the site higher than if a fence is not installed.

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