Residential Fencing

Quality Fencing Materials

Our materials are personally sourced from local suppliers to ensure high quality, and we can supply and fit to your specification. This includes UC4 tanalised timbers, fencing with concrete featheredge posts and fences with slotted posts.

Alongside this, our team of highly experienced professionals use advanced construction techniques to make sure your residential fencing is designed for durability. As well as being strong and durable, we can design and install residential fencing that is aesthetically pleasing.

We offer a variety of options like decorative panel inserts or post caps to add an extra visual element. This also means our fencing can be tailored to suit your style as each option is available in a range of colours, making sure you are able to create the look you want.

Safety and Security

We take the safety and security of your home seriously, and all our fencing is built to strict standards and is designed with robustness in mind. It’s also important to choose a fence type with safety and security level in mind, for example high featheredge fencing is much more secure than picket fencing.

We make sure that any residential fencing we install provides you with protection from trespassers, as well as being difficult for unwanted visitors to climb over. Our construction team also uses high-quality locking mechanisms to ensure that your property remains secure when locked up overnight or while you are away on holiday.

Picket Fencing

Picket fencing is a classic and timeless style of fencing that is often used to add charm and character to a property. Available with either rounded or pointed tops, the timber picket pales are securely attached to a rail, leaving gaps between each one for an intricate design.

The picket bays are constructed at 6 inch widths, usually at around 3 inch heights, and attached to concreted in treated wooden posts. Attractive and easy to install, picket fencing can be made from a range of materials including wood, PVC and metal.

This style of fencing is particularly popular in residential gardens and can be used to enclose flower beds, vegetable patches or to mark boundaries. It is also a great option for creating a safe area for pets and children to play in, without compromising on style or beauty.

Fences with Concrete Posts

Concrete posts are much stronger than wood, and can resist warping, shrinking, or heaving due to climate fluctuations. For panel fencing, the wooden panels slot into concrete posts and rest on concrete gravel boards, which provides robustness.

Concrete posts also provide a more secure anchor for the fence panels, since they won’t move with temperature changes or windy conditions. They are also very low maintenance – no painting or staining is required – and are more cost effective in the long run than other materials. Also, because concrete will not rot over time like wood, it offers greater durability and longevity too.

Take a look at our Commercial Fencing page for more fencing options as ideas.


Closeboard Fencing

Closeboard fencing is constructed using pressure treated wood posts which can last for up to 15 years and can be built using concrete posts and gravel boards to keep the wood off the ground, preventing rotting.

Closeboard fencing can range in height from less than 1 metre to up to 2 metres. By using wooden materials, we can construct a fence to fit the unique angle of any boundary line and even build it on slopes. With no gaps between posts, the feather board fence is a popular choice for gardens because of its sleek, continuous appearance.

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