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Is Your Fence Ready For The Winter Weather?


Winter weather can be especially harsh on outdoor structures, including fences. With snow, ice, and constant moisture, the weather can weaken fences and lead to significant damage if not adequately prepared for.

Is your fence ready for this winter season? Here are some tips to ensure your fence is sturdy and reliable throughout the winter months.

1. Check for Damage

The first step in preparing your fence for winter is to inspect it for any damages. Repair any cracks, breaks, or loose boards as soon as possible, so they don’t worsen during winter.

Check for signs of rot or termite damage as well, as these problems worsen in wet, cold weather.
If you see any signs of damage, ensure they’re taken care of to avoid further damage or unsafe conditions.

2. Clean your Fence

Cleaning your fence is crucial, especially before the onset of winter. Dirt, debris, and moist leaves can cause wood to rot or metal to corrode.

As a result, you should power wash your fence thoroughly to remove any dirt or mould.

Ensure any vines or bushes growing near or on your fence are trimmed away, as they can cause damage to the structure.

Cleaning your fence will ensure it’s clean and polished, and less prone to any weather damage during winter.

3. Coat your Fence

Coat your fence with a waterproof sealant to ensure the rain, snow, and moisture does not penetrate the structure.

Depending on your fence’s materials, you might need a specific coat of sealant.

A coat of sealant can prevent water from entering small cracks in the wood and prevent damage from occurring.

4. Add More Support

Winter storms bring high winds, snow, and ice, causing immense pressure on your fence. Make sure your fence is strong enough to withstand these weather elements.

If you’re not confident in your fence’s robustness, add extra support. Heavy-duty metal T-posts can be used to add more stability to your fence, leading to minimal damage caused by winter elements.

5. Snow Removal

If it does snow, ensure the snow is entirely cleared from around your fence when removing snow from your lawn. The weight of snow can cause severe damage to the fence, leading to breaking and bending of individual panels.

When shovelling, remember not to hit the fence accidentally while clearing your lawn.


Your fence needs to be maintained and prepared for harsh winter weather conditions to ensure it remains sturdy and reliable throughout the season.

Check for damages, clean the fence, coat the fence with waterproof sealant, add extra support, and remove the snow. These steps will go a long way in protecting your fence and making winter a lot more comfortable.

By taking the precautions mentioned above, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your fence can handle the winter weather’s challenges.

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